date labels for food

When to Follow an Expiration Date

Most people think that an expiration date for food means that it should be thrown out, and it’s a belief that’s been reinforced by time. But expiration dates are more of a ‘use by’ date because food is like rolling something up and down a hill. If you push a boulder up a hill, then eventually it’s going to peak and start rolling downhill.

Food is the same way, and the expiration date labels for food is more of an indication of when the food ‘peaks.’ Take bananas, for instance, they are eaten all over the spectrum. Some eat or use them when they just starting to turn yellow, while others wait for them to be completely ripe, and some enjoy them when they are brown and softer. Just because it is a different color doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.

Using foods at different peaks of freshness can sometimes change the properties of food the item is used in. Bananas peak when they turn yellow but are still useable and other foods are the exact same way. So, don’t be too quick to toss the food if you are a few days past the expiration date.

date labels for food

However, if you are a week or more past the date, then smell the food or take a quick bite. If it smells or tastes foul, then you are safer tossing it. Same with mold or odd coloration, if it doesn’t look or taste right, then make sure to give it a toss.

Eating food past the expiration date isn’t going to increase your chances of being sick or give your food poisoning, it just means you missed the peak date of its freshness, but sometimes it’s better that way. So eat before you throw away, and maybe you’ll find you like the food as it starts rolling downhill.

Custom Aquariums denver

How to Create a Unique Aquarium

Want to make your aquarium stand out from the rest? It’s not as difficult to do as you might suspect. Fish owners do it every single day and most are happy with the end results. There’s tons of ways to customize the tank and provide the fish with a more desirable space while creating an atmosphere that adds value to your home space. Are you ready to create an aquarium that rocks? Keep the ideas below in mind to create that space and look that you want.

Add Plants

Aquarium plants are a great addition to the fish tank and allow you to customize your design and your look according to your exact style and desire. If you have a green thumb and enjoy plants and greenery already, caring for your added aquarium plants should be a fairly simple task. Otherwise, brush up on your skills and get green!

Buy a Custom Aquarium

Custom aquariums are designed according to your specifications. You control the Custom Aquariums denver look, style, size, and other features. The aquarium may cost a fraction more than traditional units, but offer so many more benefits.

Custom Aquariums denver

Add Rocks

Rocks also make a great addition to the aquarium since they come in assorted styles, sizes, and designs. Along with the unique aesthetics, rocks and other accessories create a homelike space for your fish to thrive. And, it looks amazing, too!

Final Thoughts

If you own fish, you must also own an aquarium. While there is no law written in stone that says the aquarium must be unique or have any features, most fish owners enjoy customizing their design and so will you. Keep the ideas above in mind to ensure your aquarium has the look and features that you want.

concealed weapons holster

3 Items You Need as a Gun Owner

It is your right to own a gun and your responsibility to keep it safe. So many things could go wrong when carrying a gun, especially if special precautions aren’t taken to prevent it from occurring. Three of the biggest items that you’ll need as a gun owner are listed below.  Buy these items when you buy a gun to reduce any risks and worries.

concealed weapons holster

1- Gun Safe

When the gun isn’t being used, put it inside the gun safe. This prevents anyone from gaining access to the gun and also prevents other types of accidents that could result in serious injuries. Gun safes are strong, durable, and fire-resistant, with several sizes to choose from to ensure the proper space for all your weapons.

2- Holster

A holster is used to conceal your weapon when in public. Several types of holsters are available, including the chest and ankle holsters. It’s important to choose a quality concealed weapons holster that will keep your weapon protected and that is also comfortable. Make sure this item is on hand when buying a gun.

3- Training

So, technically, you won’t ‘carry’ training without you but you’ll use the skills every time you have the weapon in or near your person. Gun training ensures that you know how to shoot the weapon and how to handle it safely, both important topics as a gun owner. People who’ve been properly trained to handle weapons are much less likely to endure a safety risk with the gun.

Prepare yourself for safety before anything else if you decide to buy a gun. The three items above are a few of the many that can help you keep safety a top priority as a gun owner. Don’t buy a gun without them.

functional fine art

More Than Aesthetics: Art That Serves a Purpose

We all love art, admiring beautiful pieces and taking in the message the artist was trying to convey to us. While most art, such as paintings and sculptures, are meant to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, some artists out there are creating art that serves a purpose beyond just being something nice to look at. These pieces of what’s known as functional fine art provide utilitarian purposes, something that can be used to achieve a certain task, as well as look amazing!

functional fine art

Ranging from the types of things that we use in our day-to-day lives (hammers, chairs, sofas, and the like), to something with a very specific use-case (fire pits, gates, and lanterns), functional art is something that we can use and admire at the same time. While some people would think “What’s the point of using a piece of art as a tool when we can just buy something already made for that purpose?”, there is something magical about sitting down on a sofa that was made to look like it came from royalty, or perhaps enjoying the night air, keeping warm next to a fire pit made to look exactly like a harvest moon. Not only can these pieces of art provide us with something we can use in our everyday lives, but they can also enrich our environment with aesthetics, and be absolutely breathtaking to behold.

It takes a whole lot of talent to take something that is used every day and turn it into something absolutely gorgeous, but creators of functional art have that talent in spades. From decorations and furniture, to tools, household appliances and so much more, chances are, if you’re a fine art aficionado, there’s a piece of functional art out there that will brighten up both your home and your life!

folding ebike alberta ca

Check out this bike, guys!

This far into the 21st century the paradigm shifts’ wheels keep on spinning in two directions, depending on your roadmap. But ideally, you will be spinning both ways. Forwards and upwards. You are a go-getter and you are always looking to make more progress. And apart from keeping yourself strong, slim and fit, you are also looking for new opportunities to do your world of good. Pulling some strings on the folding ebike alberta ca enterprise seems like one good option.

folding ebike alberta ca

You’ll have to talk to the guys that have innovated this smart and sustainable product line. In order to give more people new opportunities to spread their wings with freedom, you might have to talk about licensing arrangements and the logistics of setting up the infrastructure. And thank you very much, the innovators of the great folding ebike will probably deserve a slice of your cake in the future.

That only seems fair. But if business is good for you then no sweat. Of course, you’ll still be working up a sweat, no matter how overweight or fit you are, either way. If memory serves the writer correctly, the folding ebike was first billed as a great innovation for the mountains and trails. A great bike for the great outdoors. You climb the gravelly hill until you can get no further. And then you have to walk. And climb.

But no sweat. You simply fold up your bike, slip it over your shoulders, and on your way you go. But what a great idea for the busy inner city. Fit and healthy and decent guys and girls who choose to cycle there and back to work instead of sitting in heavy traffic can use this great bike. They can even catch the bus or train with it.

warhead clothing

Exploring New Fashion Brands

warhead clothing

When you are someone that is really into fashion, you want to do everything in your power to stay on top of whatever is going on in your life. How do you find solutions that actually make sense for what you want to be able to do and achieve? Are there options that you can consider that aren’t going to cause you to spend too much money to make it a reality? This can be a hard thing to figure out.

When you are trying to look at warhead clothing and other brands, you want to start to figure out what you may need to do. You want to look at what is out there and make sense of what you’re trying to achieve. At that point, you will find that there are a lot of ways to get what you want out of it and you will actually be able to discover options that look great and make you feel good about whatever it is that you may be trying to do as well.

Take some time to look around and to make sense of what’s out there. You will find that there are a lot of neat ways to get what you want and, on top of that, you will find that it can help you out immensely. You can get some great looking clothes without sacrificing whatever it is that you may be trying to do with it. Explore your options, talk to people about what they are considering, and compare tastes in different types of clothing. Many times, you will get to a point where you can find answers that work for you and that you don’t have to spend too much money on – and you will look awesome when you do it as well. 

bow blinds michigan

Hunting Blinds to Count On

If you are a bow hunter, you should already know the importance of concealment. You need to conceal yourself when you are in the field doing hunting. It is about the standing stance that you have to take when you are hunting with a bow. If you do not have the right concealment, the animals can see you and they will run away. With a bow, you have to get close to the target.

Find the bow blinds michigan shops are offering. You will find the best bow hunting blinds on the market when you look for them online. Go with the best services and the best blinds you can find so you can make your hunting all that you want it to be and more. Now is the time to make it just right so you can hunt to your heart’s content. You need good hunting blinds to really get the big game.

bow blinds michigan

Look for a good sale on bow blinds and find it online. There, you will get better deals and you will find a bigger selection than if you were to go to a physical store. Check out all the pictures to get an idea of what will be best for you and for your hunting adventures. Now is the right time to get the hunting blinds that you need to have the very best of hunting experiences that you can have.

Make sure you have good concealment when you are bow hunting. You need to be sure that you are not seen and there are some innovative ways that can be done. All you have to do is be willing to try the very best of the best and you will find that it works wonders for your game hunting. Make every hunting trip a great one with bow blinds.

houseboat ladder

Types of Ladders for Your Houseboat

A good ladder is an essential component of any houseboat. Don’t plan on spending any time on the water until you first add the ladder to the vessel. With a houseboat ladder, it’s easier to get around on your boat and safety is intact. However, with several ladder style options available, it’s important that you first consider all options before you buy.

Telescoping Ladders

Many people prefer using telescoping ladders for their boat. These ladders are more expensive than other options in many cases, but also offer the easiest, most versatile usage. The ladders make it easy to get off/on the boat without injury or added strain. Sort through the telescoping ladders to find an option that surpasses expectations. Set a budget ahead of time to avoid overspending.

Folding Ladders

For people who want a cost effective ladder for their boat, the folding ladder is an option.  This ladder comes in assorted styles that all offer easy use and affordable cost. Many inexpensive folding ladders are available and they can accommodate your boat, regardless of size. Sort through the folding ladders and you might find that it’s the best for your needs.

Diver Ladders

If you’ll dive from your houseboat, consider this special ladder to make the activity a little bit easier and safer than before. With a diver ladder installed on the boat, diving is an easier, far more enjoyable activity that you’ll love to enjoy more often.

Other Ladder Considerations

houseboat ladder

After you’ve chosen the ladder style you like, the next decision is to determine the number of steps, the brand and material and the price. It’s easy to compare the ladder options to find a model that suffices your needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to find the perfect ladder for your needs!

commercial heating bronx ny

Heating for Your Business

If you have a new building that you have built for your business, you will want to have heating and air conditioning no matter what. After all, you need to take care of your employees and your patrons, clients, or customers. Perhaps it is all three that you will need to take care of. You want heating for the air and for the water in the building. That means you will need to find a good service to come in.

You will need to go online to find the right commercial heating bronx ny services so you can have the heating and the boilers installed to heat the air and the water. No matter what, you need good heating in this part of the country because it does indeed get very cold here. That is a fact that you cannot get away from no matter what.

commercial heating bronx ny

Make the most of your business and get a good heating system for it. One way or the other, that is what you need. With a new building, you will definitely need to have a new heating system installed. If you are in an older building with an inferior heating system or one that is broken, you will either need to get it replace or repaired. Which one you do is up to you in most cases. Or you can just go with a new one.

You need the right services on your side to get the job done the right way. One thing is for sure and that is it is going to get very cold soon and you will want to have the heating taken care of. For the air in the building, get a good central system. For the water, get a good tankless water heater. You will find all the services you need.

where to buy real leather furniture

Leather Furniture for You

If you are looking for leather furniture, you should be able to find some at a local store. The thing is you want a good selection at the right prices and you want to be sure that the leather is real. No imitations in this case, not for you. It is going to be a simple web search that will yield the right results for you. All you have to do is go online to find what you need.

Now you want good furniture and you can have it. You need to know where to buy real leather furniture. Get online and ask that question. Once you find a good store, you should go for it and get what you need the right way. You will find a vast selection at the right prices. Of course, you need to realize that real leather is not at all cheap. In fact, it is costly but you can still find deals.

where to buy real leather furniture

All the furniture you want is in one location. Do away with the cheap imitations and get the real thing at last. After all, you work hard so you deserve a little bit of luxury in your life. Make the most of your budget and find the best deals you can get on real leather furniture at a good store. You will probably find all sorts of things that you want. Just hone those choices down so you can get on the right track.

You owe it to yourself to have good furniture and that is a fact you need to think about. You can get what you want at a decent price if you shop around just a bit. Finally, invest in some good furniture and take care of it. You can find tips for caring for leather furniture when you look online.